This blog was devised to be one more tool for interaction among my students and me. Here we can exchange ideas,ask questions, say what we’re doing,make comments, answer questions,do exercises and so on. I hope all of us find it useful!!

 To get started, please post….

What songs appeal to? Why?


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  1. rosane Says:

    You can make a list of your favorite songs here…

  2. Daniele Moura da Silva Says:

    every day is like sunday – i am the highway – plush – comedown – you oughta know –

  3. daniele Says:

    she talks to angels-dreams-where the streets have no name-cherish-californication-girlfriend in a coma-panic-black-spanish eyes-pride-when tomorrow comes-loosing my religion-wake up-even flow-jeremy-hand in my pocket-sad but true -tô brincando!!-thunder-like a prayer-Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm-this last song is very good!!!

  4. Sérgio Guimarães Says:

    Hello Rosane. Today,in the morning, I heard a song which I ever knew and liked, but I didn’t know what it mean. I read it letter from Vagalume’s site, I think that is interesting. The name is “BLACK”- Pearl Jam.
    Why? Let me see.., it’s difficult to write about, it’s difficult do talk about thinkings and feelings. That’s all, bye

  5. Guilherme Says:

    Hello! I need to do it hastily, becase i’m going to scholl now! o.O’
    The first Post and a wonderful song: Walking Contradiction – Green Day
    The Funniest clip! Can you watch?

    Even More!

  6. Guilherme Says:

    My father told me now ‘there isn’t a wonderful sound, but a nice sound’. Can be.¬¬

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